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  • Sitefinity 7.0 is out

    by Scott Rozman | Apr 11, 2014
    Yesterday, Telerik announced that Sitefinity 7.0 has been released.updated Sitefinity logo
    Please see details of what is included here:
    So, what does this mean for LAS? We generally upgrade our Sitefinity version every other release and we are currently working to upgrade sites to Sitefinity 6.3. This means our users may not see version 7.0, but will see the features when we install 7.1 when it is available.
    The 6.3 version will improve the ability for website editors to see which pages of their sites are getting the most traffic and also offers an updated interface for inline editing. Inline editing means that an editor can change content of the website while browsing the site. It is a great way to do general updates... read through the website and then make changes as you go!
    LAS IT will be in contact with main stakeholders for each website as we plan upgrades.
  • Support for Windows XP will end in early April, 2014

    by Craig Jackson | Mar 26, 2014

    Users that have Windows XP as their computer’s operating system may be receiving a message that the device needs to be upgraded as security updates will end on April 8th. Please contact your regular support channel if there are any computers running Windows XP in order for LAS IT and/or your local support to schedule a time to upgrade the computer’s operating system.

    It would be most helpful if the requests were submitted between March 25 - 31 so that we have time to take care of this, instead of April 7th.

    We are VERY grateful to those departments who have already submitted requests so that we can start upgrading computers this week. 

    Please contact me if you have any questions.



    Craig E Jackson
    Executive Director, IT

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