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  • Bluestem Login Pages Changing on March 1, 2015

    by Craig Jackson | Feb 25, 2015

    There will be a new look to the “Bluestem” login pages on March 1, 2015. This is due to the University-wide project called “Identity and Access Management,” the goal of  which is to provide users with a single, unique NetID and password, for access to services across campuses and major U of I systems (e.g., e-mail, Wi-Fi, Blackboard Learn, my UIC portal, the Human Resources portal, Banner, student registration, records, and financial aid). While implementation of the first major phase of the IAM project at UIC is planned to begin in the fourth quarter of 2015, UIC needs to update a few systems before then. The first of those updates will take place on March 1, 2015.


    What will change on March 1, 2015?

    There will be two changes affecting web pages that use Bluestem to authenticate.

    First, the current login page that you have seen when accessing many of our webpages, commonly referred to as Bluestem login page, will be given a new look to incorporate the new UIC branding guidelines and to improve functionality.

    Outgoing Bluestem login page:           New Bluestem login page:

    The second change is that, for UIC web-based applications that accept authentication for users at other U of I campuses, the new login page will have a link to the other campus' Shibboleth authentication server. This will replace the current method of typing or in the NetID box for referral to the appropriate authentication server.


    Will my access change?

    No. You will continue to have access to the same webpages as you did before.

    Where can I report a problem on or after March 1 if I cannot access a webpage I was able to access before?

    In the unlikely event that you experience any difficulties, please contact or call the ACCC’s helpdesk at 312-413-0003.


    I have Bluestem protected webpages, what do I need to do in preparation?

    You don’t need to make any changes on your end. Your Bluestem protected websites will now reflect the new look.


    I use the allowed.netids file to manage access to my Bluestem protected websites. Will that need to change?

    No. The allowed.netid file will continue to manage access to your website. No changes necessary.


    Will we continue to use Bluestem after the change on March 1?

    Yes, UIC will continue to use Bluestem. Where needed, on a per-application basis, our Bluestem login page will have a link to the Shibboleth authentication server for other U of I campuses that are no longer using Bluestem. Please note that these links will not appear on every Bluestem login page, but only on those that are already accepting users from other campuses.


    Will we be able to test the new setup before March 1 on our Bluestem protected sites?

    Yes, the login server will be available for testing mid-February. Please contact for more information or to set up the testing.


  • Please do not update to Java 8

    by Craig Jackson | Dec 15, 2014
    Some users have been receiving a message that a Java update is available for download. Please do NOT update to Java 8 as most Banner apps still require Java 7 and those apps have not been approved to work with the Java 8.


    If you do need Java 8 for some purpose, please email and we will assist with creating an option for you.


    Craig E Jackson
    Executive Director, IT

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