PowerPoint Templates

LAS provides PowerPoint templates to assist in your presentations. Five options are available for all LAS units. Each includes cover and supporting slides that can be copied to create a full presentation.

In using the templates please observe these good practice guidelines:
  • Do not change the layout or color of the slides, or make any attempt to move or modify the University logo

  • Unless it is unavoidable, do not reduce the size of the type below that shown in the templates. It is almost always better to cut the number of words and/or split the text across two slides

  • If you are using photographs, if possible save them at a resolution of 72 dots per inch (dpi) before importing them into your presentation. This will avoid creating an unnecessarily large file that is too big to email and making the slides slow to respond to your clicks.

If your department is not listed, contact lasdesign@uic.edu to have one created.

Click on the thumbnail to download the template:

Template 1
LAS Powerpoint Template 1

Template 2
LAS Template 2

Template 3
LAS Template 3

Template 4
LAS Template 4

Template 5
LAS Template 5