Process/Time Frames

To Request a Project
  1. Please submit a request by e-mailing us at

  2. You will be contacted within 48 hours. If the project is accepted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a description of the work to be completed and an estimated completion date.

Approval Process

Priority will be given to projects involving university initiatives. Projects will be assigned to a designer and scheduled according to availability. We will do our best to complete all projects by requested due dates. If we cannot meet your deadline, the assigned designer will communicate this beforehand. Project requests with unreasonable time frames will not be accepted. IT will not accept projects that qualify as unrelated business or personal use.

Time Frames

Time frames will vary according to the volume of work we receive. IT recommends that you allow the following time frames at a minimum when requesting work. Note that time frames may actually exceed these estimates during busy periods. Time frames can vary depending what time frame the printer (vendor) gives us to complete and deliver projects:

  • 5 business days: Ad design, Flyers

  • 10 business days: Web banners, Posters, PowerPoint production, Banners

  • 15 business days: Research posters, postcards

  • 20 business days: Most commercial printed items such as brochures, booklets, programs

  • More than 20 business days: Heavy web design, campaigns with multiple items

You are welcome to reserve a time slot with us before you are ready to proceed with a project. Please note that you will need to provide us with all information and final, approved copy by your assigned start date in order to keep the slot.


Please be aware that once a project is underway, certain conditions must be met to maintain a project time slot. The following events can result in a lost time slot:

  1. Final copy or other information is not ready by the scheduled start date of a project

  2. Customer changes original request

  3. Proof is held up with customer during the approval process

  4. Amount of requested changes by customer puts completion date in jeopardy

  5. Customer makes unreasonable request(s)

The Office of Information Technology reserves the right to move back completion dates if we receive an unexpected high volume of top-priority projects. We expect this to happen on rare occasions and will always do our best to meet scheduled completion dates.