Learning and Technology

The Learning and Technology section helps LAS faculty use technology in instruction, from improving PowerPoint presentations in the classroom to the design and implementation of blended and online courses, even MOOCs! Our mission is to help faculty explore how technology can be combined with existing or new classroom practices, whether the classroom is physical or virtual.

If the online tutorials here don't cover your question or idea, please send us an email.

How To Tutorials:

Course Document Organization

An overview of course document organization in a Blackboard site, based on a design created by UIC students.

Secondary Blackboard Accounts

How to set up and use a secondary Blackboard account, so you can see your course site the way a student does.

Blackboard Student Site Intro

We asked UIC students how we can help them with online resources and design. Here's what they told us.

Zoom and Pan in PowerPoint

How to emphasize portions of an image by creating a zoom and pan effect in PowerPoint for Mac 2008. Using da Vinci's Madonna of the Rocks as an example, we show how to combine animations to focus the viewer on a particular part of an image.

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