How to connect to a shared drive

You will need to be connected to the UIC network with Viscosity before following the below instructions.

If you are off campus you will need to install Viscosity (need admin) onto your computer. Download it here for Windows or MAC.


  1. Click on file explorer by clicking the little folder on the task bar.
  2. Clink on "Computer" (Windows 7) or "This PC" (Windows 10).
  3. Click on "Map Network Drive" which is located on the top menu bar.
  4. To connect to a drive you will need to enter it in this format:
  5.     Capture
  6. Click Finish and then type in your credentials in this format. (replace netid with your netid and password with your AD password).
  7.     shared_drive_netid_windows
  8. Click OK and the folder should show up


  1. Click on Finder
  2. Click on Go on the top bar and then click on "Connect to server"
  3. Make sure the "Connect to Server" box looks like the one below. Make sure you use your netid, server name, and folder name.

    Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 10.39.36 AM
  4. Click "Connect" and the folder should show up