1. Open Control Panel and, in the ‘address bar’, expand the > arrow and select ‘All Control Panel Items’ or search for ‘Mail 32-bit’ in the search bar.
  2. Start the “Mail 32-bit” control panel applet.
  3. Open the Profile manager by clicking on “Show Profiles” from the Profiles section.
  4. In the Profiles list, take note of the profiles, and then select one.
  5. Click on the “Properties” button to open up the “Mail Setup” window.
  6. In the E-mail Accounts section, click on the “E-mail Accounts...” button.
  7. The “Account Settings” windows should open; take note of any shared accounts listed;
    • If they have an obvious name (e.g.,, then that will be the address of the shared mailbox.
    • If it isn’t obvious or you want to confirm, select one and then click on the ‘Change’ button. Take note of the account address in the “Email Address:” field.
  8. Cancel and return to the “Account Settings” window and, after re-selecting the shared account that you took note of above, click the “Remove” button.
  9. After removing it, click on the “New...” button so that you can re-add the account.
  10. In the “E-mail Address:” field of the “Add Account” window, under the “E- mail Account” section, change the name listed, if any, to the address of the shared account.
  • After doing so, erase the value in the “Your Name:” field and leave it blank or change it to something like “LAS Blah Blah”, but using the name of the shared account.
  • Leave the password fields blank; click “Next”.

Outlook should automatically start configuring the account using the user’s credentials.
         a. If it succeeds, click “Finish”. If it prompts for a password, ensure that you are able to specify a user name.

          b. Use the (full address) of the user and the user should then be asked to enter their password. *Never ask for a user’s password, nor accept the offer of them letting you know what it is.

If you are prompted to “Allow this website to configure ... server settings”,

check the “Don’t ask me about this website again” box and then click on “Allow”.

Click “OK” on the “Mail Delivery Location” window. Repeat the process for any other shared accounts in that profile.

When done, close out that profiles “Account Settings” window and that profile’s “Mail Setup” window.

Move on to the next profile to repeat the process. Sometimes there is only one account tied to a profile. In those cases, you cannot remove the account so you will have to remove the profile instead. Once you have done so, you can add a new profile with the new account.

Ensure that the users is always prompted for a profile to use. This is done by selecting the ‘Prompt for a profile to be used’ radio button in the profiles window.