LAS Bio Photo Library

LAS has a library of photos for use in web bios. The library facilitates consistency in format and composition and makes it easier to keep a single photo up to date which can be available for use on more than one unit website.

The photos are organized by UIC netID, so if you would like to see what photo is on file for a particular person, type their netID in the box provided and hit "Lookup Photo".

If you are a member of the faculty or staff of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and would like to provide a photo or update the one we have on file, please contact us via It is preferable to provide the highest quality digital (un-cropped) original photo to us and we'll match it as closely as possible to the standard format.

If your department would like to also provide bio pages for your graduate students, we typically don't include these individuals within the photo library. However, we have provided information for matching the size, shape and quality of the LAS bio photos.

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