The Process

Steps to get an updated site are as follows:
  • Get into the website queue
  • Wait until you turn in the queue

  • Meet with us to talk about your current site and ideas you may have about a new site

  • Work with our graphic designer to customize colors and images which make the template unique to your unit

  • When design is complete, we set up your copy of Sitefinity on our development web server

  • Next we will migrate content from your old website to the new environment, clean up the HTML, fix broken links and update the page structure so that it conforms to best practices for user and search engine accessibility

  • Then we'll train your staff on using Sitefinity and you'll work on tweaking your content.

  • When your site is ready to go live, we move it to our our production web server, set up your actual domain name and then help you shut down and redirect your old website, so that traffic to the old site ends up at the new site.