WordPress Red Migration

UIC is undergoing a campus-wide migration to the WordPress Red platform available through the UIC Office of Digital Communications.

Current requirements are for all College sites and all units who report to the College to build a new website in Red by the end of June 2019.

For Unit Sites

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is providing support for our units and administrative areas of the College to make this migration as smooth as possible.

Please see the LAS Web Migration Guide (pdf) for an overview on the process.
Please see the How to Resize and Crop (pdf) , a guide to proper photo preparation for your site.

For Research Sites

Additionally, we have seen requests for how to best approach Research Group or Research Lab websites.
While there is not a timeline or a current requirement for these websites to also use the Red platform, there will be increasing knowledge and support for creating and maintaining a site there compared to other options on campus.

LAS has put together a Research Site Guide to walk faculty and staff through a basic set of recommended settings for a Red site which will fit nicely and compliment the standards which are being used for the College and unit websites.

Requests for a test research site can be made via:

* Note that setting up a lab site in WordPress Red is not part of the required migration to the uniform template.

For Course Sites

While we recommend using Blackboard for a majority of course-related materials, some courses may require or wish to have a public-facing aspect to their content, syllabus etc.
WordPress Red is available for this purpose and a few features have been developed with this in mind.
LAS has not put together a set of recommendations for use of Red for course websites at this time.

* Note that setting up a course site in WordPress Red is not part of the required migration to the uniform template.