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Updated LAS Temperature Reporting process for employees

The Office of the Vice Chancellor of Administrative Services has a Temperature Self Reporting system which is available to any units on campus and LAS is going to start using it on, July 10 and will no longer use a form on the LAS website.

It works in conjunction with the UIC ID scanners used to enter locked buildings.

Here is how it works:

  • Each day the employee should fill out the survey at
  • If the employee has a temperature which is too high or has experienced symptoms or risk of COVID, they *may not* work.
    • Notifications will be sent to University Health Services and the department response coordinator
  • When the employee enters a building, they should swipe their ID
  • An app will then check to make sure that the employee had submitted a successful survey.
    • If an appropriate daily survey is not found, notifications will be sent to the department response coordinator

We thank you for your cooperation in maintaining a self and healthy work environment!