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Red Migration Phase II

The next phase of website migration will address UIC websites which are not yet using the WordPress Red platform.

The UIC Web Advisory Committee was informed that a timeline has been set for migrating sites which were not included in Phase I by January 2021.

Typical sites which would likely fall in this category include:

  • Sites which have or should have accurate and up to date UIC branding (logos and colors)
  • Sites which are intended to be public-facing
  • Sites which highlight the work of UIC faculty and staff in the areas of research and teaching
  • Class sites which are intentionally public and would not work in the BlackBoard LMS for that reason.
  • Sites which represent a unit at UIC which for some reason were not migrated in Phase I.
  • Sites which are on the, and platforms which have waning support.

Sites which may not fall in this category include:

  • Special web-based tools which may have some UIC branding, but are not used in the same way as a website.
  • Individual profile or research sites which are not hosted at UIC and are therefore not using a domain name.

In effort to help in the coordination and evaluation of resources needed to achieve the goals of the Red Migration Phase II, the College of LAS would like your help in surveying which sites could fall in this category as well as if there are sites which have become obsolete and are ready to be taken down and possibly saved as an archive. In the event that some site owners have difficulty in meeting the January 2021 timeline, we would also like to collect that information and be able to share that with the Web Advisory Committee.

Please work to submit your website(s) through this form by Friday, June 19, 2020.

Submit Your Website (Red Migration Phase II)

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